Call to artists: El Yunque Art Show at MCAU

Call to artists: El Yunque Art Show at MCAU

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Fellow artists and creators,

it is my greatest honor to announce a call to artists for an upcoming art show about my musical album titled El Yunque at Multi-Cultural Artists United(MCAU) in Los Angeles, CA. The album was released in December 2018, and is an ode to my middle name, and Puerto Rican heritage. I have been inspired to create an art installation to give a full life to the album, before I am able to move on to my next work.

In this spirit, I am inviting artists of all backgrounds, who have ties, emotional, biological, or of any kind, to the great country of Puerto Rico, and more specifically its cultural landmark, the El Yunque National Forest, to submit their work for consideration.

We will be showcasing arts of all kind at the show, including film and music. We are looking for painters, sculptors, photographers, video artists, poets, designers, dancers, singers, and truly, artists of all kinds, whose work honors and is tied to El Yunque.

Interested parties can listen to the El Yunque album here:

You can also learn more about MCAU here:

The dates for the art show are Thursday March 19 and Friday March 20, 2020. This call to artists will remain open for two weeks, until Thursday February 20, 2020, during which we will review submissions. Official lineup and selection will be announced shortly thereafter.

Please send submissions to, and submit links to portfolios or digital version of artworks instead of attaching files to your submission email.

Thank you for reading, we look forward to submissions

Youceff Yunque Kabal

Head of affairs at Manneken

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